How To Choose The Best Bathing Suit For Your Body

The Holy Grail of swimsuits is comfortable to wear, makes you feel sexy and confident in your own body, and lasts for years to come. How to find such a suit? Here are some tips to consider when searching for the best swimsuit to fit your body and your life.

Shop For Your Shape

Rather than focusing on size, think about finding a style of swimsuit that will flatter your shape. This means a fit that maximizes your assets, balances out your proportions, and gives you coverage where you want it. Think about shopping for your body shape, not thinking about the number or size.

Everyone has assets, and to feel confident in a swimsuit, you need to recognize those assets, highlight them, and balance out your proportions. Here are some examples of different body shapes and suggestions for what cut or style will make you feel the most confidence.

1. If you are Triangle-Shaped

This means you tend to have more generous portions in your hips and bottom but have slim shoulders that taper down to a smaller waist. Think of celebrities like Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez for inspiration. It is important to think about balancing out your proportions and getting coverage to make you feel comfortable and confident.

Think about pairing a bikini with a bright pattern on top and a darker solid colour on the bottom, to help draw the eye upwards to your toned top. Don’t cover up that generous bottom with extra material. Boy shorts or larger briefs can make your bottom appear larger. Instead, high-cut briefs show off your assets and make you look slimmer.

  • Halter tops can help make smaller shoulders appear broader and help balance out your larger bottom proportions.
  • A plunging neckline or ruffles on top can also draw your eye upwards and focus attention towards your slim top and waist.
  • If you do want a bit more coverage on your lower half, a skirted bottom that falls about mid-thigh will also help balance out your proportions.
  • Upside Down Triangle Shaped

You have the strong, broad shoulders of an Olympic swimmer, and slender hips and bottom. Think about emphasizing your slim bottom half and helping to define your waist.

  • Work with colours and patterns; use bright-patterned bikini bottoms to emphasize your hips and waist.
  • One-piece bathing suits with details, such as slashes or elegantly placed cut-outs, can also emphasize curves.
  • A smaller swimsuit bottom can help make slender hips appear curvier.
  • Ties on bikini bottoms will also emphasize curves and can help give you the perfect fit.
  • Underwire bikini tops can also emphasize your curves and give you more support.

2. If you are Hourglass-Shaped

You have curves at the top and curves on the bottom and smallish waist in the middle — the classic bombshell look. You have the body that traditional bikinis were made for. The trick is to find a suit that shows off your curves and gives you enough support and coverage so you can feel confident strutting your stuff.

  • Find a great pattern with a bra-style top to give you the support you need, and high-cut briefs to help lengthen your legs and show off those curves.
  • Asymmetrical tops also draw the eye upwards to the neck and collar bone area.
  • If you are looking for more coverage, or don’t want to draw attention to your curves, stay away from monokinis (which are one-piece suits with slits and cutaways making them emphasize curves).
  • Look for retro-style suits that give you support and coverage and also show off your shape.

3. If you are Rectangle-Shaped

You’ve got those long legs and a long torso that can sometimes be difficult to fit into a standard one-piece bathing suit. If you do want a one-piece, look for long styles, or extra-long sizes. These will fit comfortably and won’t bunch or ride up in uncomfortable places, and will keep your top from spilling out.

If you want to create the impression of curves, monokinis are very helpful for creating curves.

Don’t be afraid to show some skin — suits that offer less coverage give the appearance of a curvier figure.

Look for suits with details like a belt or that cinch in at the middle to help define your waist and high-cut bottoms to show off your long legs.

4. If you are Circle-Shaped

You have a short torso with little waist definition, but with a bottom and legs that go on for days.

  • Look for one-piece suits that offer coverage for your middle, but with sexy cut-outs to draw the focus away from your middle and onto your other assets.
  • Look for suits with details like ruching or shirring that gather in material to help define your waist.
  • High-waisted bikinis or tankinis can also give you coverage and help smooth out your middle, and high-cut bottoms will emphasize your great legs.
  • Find a suit made with control panels or from quality supportive material. It looks super sexy, gives you support, and helps create a smooth, flattering silhouette.

5. If you are Large-Busted

If you’ve got ample cleavage to on top, support is the key to feeling confident and sexy in a bathing suit.

  • Consider going up a bra size to get the coverage and support you want. You want to show off your curves, but stretchy supportive material will be more comfortable and help you feel confident and not give you unsightly bulges.
  • A top with a deep v-neck is very flattering for larger busted individuals.
  • Look for bra-style tops with underwire, moulded cups or thicker straps for more support.
  • Stay away from ruffles or details on top if you don’t want to emphasize your chest area.

6. If you are Small-Busted

You don’t need as much support up top so you can have fun flaunting your assets in a tiny string bikini; or, if you want the appearance of more up top, consider tops with ruffles or ruching details.

  • Halter tops or bandeaus are very flattering on smaller-chested individuals.
  • Triangle tops and bright, bold patterns help create more curves.
  • A bra-style top with padding can create more cleavage and give you extra lift and support.

Lifestyle Considerations

Sometimes you want a swimsuit to look sexy in while lounging on the beach; sometimes you want to tan; and sometimes you need to swim a long-distance race across a lake or keep up with an active 6-year old in the pool. Whatever you like to do, here are some things to consider when looking for a swimsuit that will keep up with your lifestyle.

  • Look for good quality material that offers support, won’t fade from wearing them in the pool or beach, and will look great for years to come.
  • Think eco-friendly; look for quality material that is good for the environment. Econyl is a 100% regenerated nylon yarn that comes from pre- and post-industrial waste and is used to make fabulous swimsuits.
  • Make sure if you are active, you find something that is supportive and won’t stretch out of shape after one wear.

Some of us have other considerations that mean swimsuits off the shelf don’t work for our bodies. If you have a long torso, want extra coverage for scarring, burns, or support for mastectomies, or suits that will work with a colostomy, consider a custom-made swimsuit.

No matter your size or shape, your body is beautiful, and you should be proud. If you are on the hunt for a bathing suit in Toronto, take a look at our online collection at Unika Swimwear, or come in for a custom made suit made just for you. We want to make you feel confident in a swimsuit.