Taking care of your Ūnika swimwear is important as it can help preserve the colour, fit, and long-term wear of your high-quality suit. Considering eco-friendly ways to care for you swimwear is crucial for both your suit and the environment. Here at Ūnika, we take pride in producing sustainable swimwear through ethical practices, and want to encourage our customers to follow in our footsteps.


At Ūnika we highly recommend hand-washing your swimwear in cold water rather than using a machine. Hand-washing helps preserve the overall quality of your suit and is an eco-friendly method of cleaning. Remember to be gentle with your Ūnika swimwear when hand-washing as you do not want to stretch the material. Run water lightly over your suit to ensure the removal of sand and other unwanted residue. Use Ūnika all-natural swim wash to further clean and refresh.


Our swim wash foam is composed of organic ingredients which help clean and preserve your Ūnika swim pieces. To use, dispense 4 to 6 pumps and work the soap gently into a lather using warm water then rinse thoroughly in cold water.


Ūnika Swim Wash (all-natural) 50mL/1.7 fl oz. - $24 Buy Now


When it comes time to dry your clean suit, air-drying is the preferred method immediately after washing. Not only is this more environmentally friendly, it is the last step in ensuring that you get a long-life out of your Ūnika swimwear. To correctly air dry your swimwear after washing, lay flat out of direct sunlight and away from rough surfaces. Direct sunlight can cause the colour of your suit to fade over time and rough surfaces can lead to damage to your suits material.


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