Our "magic pants" - they mould to curves in ALL the right areas, accentuating your silhouette perfectly. A slightly high cut waist and subtle flared bottoms visually lengthen your body for a super flattering fit. Each of our premium mesh fabrics let your bikini peep through, taking you from the beach to...pretty much anywhere. Swap your bikini bottoms for hotpants to take them into evening.

ŪNIKA comes from the Latin word “Unica” meaning - only one, one of a kind & unique.
ŪNIKA was created with a clear vision in mind: to provide body-specific swimwear for all women - regardless of age, shape, or size. We aim to empower every woman in recognizing and appreciating her own individuality – the end goal is to make you feel confident in a swimsuit.
“I was born in Canada but of Brazilian heritage. Growing up, I spent my summers in Brazil - where beachwear is engrained into our culture. What I found the most inspiring about Brazil was how people wore their swimwear. From the diverse cultural backgrounds that make up the population, to the variety of body types and ages of the women gracing their beaches – all of them wore their pieces confidently. Every women's body shape is different and unique, and so are their life experiences, personalities and tastes. I wanted women to be able to reflect their uniqueness and be confident in their choices, especially when they are the most exposed. I traveled endlessly to find unique and quality stretch fabrics from all around the world to give you the selection and quality you want. These suits were made with love, I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I did designing them.“
Betsy Campos, Founder of Unika Swim


ŪNIKA is built on a foundation of quality and environmental consciousness, with the core belief that all fashion businesses should play a part in designing the best version of the future. We proudly utilize ECONYL®, a 100% regenerated nylon yarn derived from pre and post-industrial waste, in our pieces – which are all handmade in Canada.