How it works

You’ve said yes to the dress, but what about a swimsuit that fits ū perfectly? Whether you’re packing your bags for your bachelorette or honeymoon, we can make you a swimsuit that you and your wedding party will cherish forever! Let us take care of ū with a fabulous experience ū won’t forget.

Bring the bridesmaids, we’ll bring the one of a kind experience. Think swim that fits ū like no other alongside the bubbles, balloons and treats!

Private Space

The entire 2500 sq ft space will be all yours! Our luxurious open concept studio has south facing natural lighting, hardwood floors and elevated ceilings.

Food & Drinks

Ū and your wedding party will be treated to cūstomized service by your stylist, along with a glass of bubbles, cūstom cookies and charcuterie board.

Bridal Decor

High-end, eco-friendly cūstom balloon arrangements are expertly made by designers, available in gold, rose gold and silver. The perfect ambiance for photos!

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