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Educare School


From the start, our mission has always been to create ethically made, sustainable, quality garments that will make ū feel confident! In an effort to reduce unnecessary waste, everything is made to order therefore we have limited pre-made items in stock. Our products are handmade by our specialty team of experts in our boutique located in Toronto, Canada.


We proudly use a regenerated nylon yarn derived from pre and post-industrial waste. Waste and discarded fish nets from the ocean and landfills are cleaned and made into premium, durable, recycled fabric that are then used for our swimwear. To reduce our carbon footprint, our scrap pieces of fabric are used to make hair scrunchies, bandies, and other accessories to utilize every inch. Our shipping bags are also made of recycled materials.

Educare School
Educare School


We pride ourselves on our ethical practices and complete transparency. That`s why our team makes everything by hand in our storefront - an open concept studio where our clients can see the production process for themselves. What makes us different from fast fashion and overseas manufacturing is that we have nothing to hide! Our work conditions are safe and visible for every customer who comes into our store. 


It is extremely important to us that our team is treated ethically. We pay all of our employees equal and fair wages while aspiring to provide a positive work environment. We are completely against any sort of discrimination and celebrate inclusion. 

Educare School
Educare School


We strive to be as sustainable as possible, but we acknowledge that we're not perfect. Being '100% sustainable' can only happen if no new products are being created. We are always looking for better ways to improve on our sustainability mission. Above all else, we are proud to provide ū with quality swimwear without compromising our planet and our oceans.